How’s ur day people..? I am wishing you a splendid one.. πŸ™‚

So, raining season’s already began in South Korea, fall is coming, but no worries, so far I am settling in well with the weather..I think..

Anywaaay.. Places I’ve been to since last trip post, and how to get there..

  • Korean Folk Village. Located in suwon, and..the good news is, there’s a free shuttle bus to get there from Suwon’s tourist information center. So wherever you’re staying, you better get to Suwon first if you wanna take the bus ride. The tourist info center itself is located near Suwon station (just look for totems standing near the street and big maps display next to it, then you’ll find the building behind them). You can buy the ticket there also. It will cost 12000 won for adults. I don’t really remember but I think the bus is departing every half an hour, CMIIW :). And I suggest that you don’t go there later than 12 PM, cos you will definitely need a lot of time to spend in there. There will be attractions starting from 13.40 until around 16.40, if I’m not mistaken. You can have a look at traditional Korean houses and its surroundings, there will be attractions showing korean traditional wedding, dance and performance, tightrope acrobat, equestrian show, so spend your time well there, besides the folk village consists of a large area, so I think you’ll be busy looking around πŸ™‚ As for the ride back, free shuttle bus is available again, but only until 17.30, so don’t be late. Click for more info.
  • Aiins World. It’s a park, filled with miniatures of famous buildings or monuments, basically something that’s famous almost around the world. It’s located in Bucheon. Subway exit is in Songnae station, exit no. 2, Β then you should take 5-2 bus, it’ll take you there. Get off the bus at aiins world bus shelter, and voila..you can have a nice short trip to famous places around the world in just one day.. πŸ™‚ TIPS : it’s best to come here on a sunny day..and maybe if you can stay until it gets dark, then you’ll have another view of the park with lights shining on everywhere, which is nice too πŸ™‚ oh, the ticket is 8500 won for adults and take the same bus from the same shelter to go back from there to the station.
  • Seoul Grand Park. Located in Seoul. Subway exit is in Seoul Grand Park, exit no. 2, and just go straight to go to the place. There are a few places in the grand park. You can choose between the zoo, seoul land (theme park), botanical garden, contemporary art musem, camping ground if you’re planning to stay, rose garden, and.. I forgot what’s else in there..heheh. It was raining when I got there yesterday, so my friend and I only took a sky lift ride, and it cost us 5000 won for each person. Apparently it was only for a short distance, we have to pay another 2000 won for another ticket if we wanna take the long trip using sky lift. And we decided not to, hehe, since it was raining, and I think we’re kinda not in the mood to pay anymore.. LOL. Anyway, all we did was walking, looking around, taking pictures, and it was actually nice cos the place is located in a hill, I guess..so I think the scenery was more like when you go to forests or mountains, it was nice actually. And this whole area is actually located in front of Gwacheon national musem mentioned here. Too bad the rain kinda stopped us from going here and there. Oh well, we can always come back.. πŸ™‚

Anyway, huge apologies for lack of pictures in this post, preview is always helpful, I know.. but honestly I’m just too lazy..hehe. Signing out with a pic of me enjoying the rain, it didn’t stop me from smiling.. πŸ™‚



  1. mita · September 23, 2010

    ditunggu cerita tentang T-Express nya, hihi *sombong banget yak mentang2 udah ;p maapkaan*
    selamat bersenang-senang mbak nyun, keep singing in the rain ^^

    • nyumnyun · September 23, 2010

      huohoo.. makin pengeeen πŸ˜€ semoga cuaca mendukung πŸ™‚
      yes, I am singing in the rain, saking semangatnya payungku udah mulai NG nih..heheh πŸ˜›

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