As she talked to him today, she coouldn’t stop thinking.

What else is he looking for..?

What’s happines when it only appears at the end of the day?

What is caring when he actually never wanted to even listen to her anymore..?

Where is the joy of not doing something whole heartedly?

What is love when it’s only being passed on as words? They’re merely words..

What and why..

*I wish I could come up with some sort of an ode to  her, but I failed..

Look at that happy face face. How can you walk away from that? Can you? Are you sure? Do you have the heart to do that? ­čÖé

As long as you’re serving happiness, then you’ll be looking at the same thing as well in return.

If it’s joy that you’re bringing to life, then you’ll be rewarded.

You’ve done it so far.

How can you walk away from that?

Orang yang menggunakan segala cara untuk merasa optimis dengan hebat – tetapi tidak bertindak, sedang menyiapkan penyiksaan hebat bagi dirinya sendiri.┬áKeberhasilan ada di alam tindakan, bukan di alam angan-angan atau rencana.┬áSebetulnya, rencana kita sudah cukup, yang belum adalah tindakan kita.


~Mario Teguh~

Di hati. Di pikiran. Terkandung dalam doa-doa yang dilantunkan hampir setiap malam. Menyita waktu. Menyita pikiran. Menimbulkan berbagai macam bentuk emosi. Memancing keinginan untuk berusaha sekuat tenaga dan lari dari kenyataan di saat yang bersamaan. Berharap itu semua hanya mimpi dan terbangun dengan kenyataan yang lebih indah.

Tapi itu semua tetap masih berstatus rencana. What’s been done to make it come to life? it’s not going anywhere..

Ya, Hanya rencana.

Do you feel that?

Nooooo… I used to say,

“Do not intentionaly do anything that will make me hate you, simply cos I don’t want to.”

But when I look back at recent events, I feel like the tension is high most of the time. I sometimes have no idea how to act or what to say properly..heck, I’ve never been really good about ┬ácourtesy or manner, I’m in between. I have no doubt that some people would consider me as a blatantly speaking person.

Then when I come to think about my actions, have I been doing wrong? but, like unintentionaly..?

I never wanted to be an annoying person, but instead I became one. And again, I seemed to have done it unconsciously, through my words or behavior. And perhaps, somewhere in my mind, I thought that creating space through hatred was the quickest way of getting things done. I acted carelessly, without thinking twice, only because I thought I had nothing more to lose, and honestly there’s actually nothing much left in there, so yeah..what’s there to lose?.

Wrong ideas.

“You are what you think”, and so it became reflected in what I did. I guess I was confused. Not to mention what I got in return..more anger, cursing, pushing, ignorance..definitely not the good stuff.

And, it’s wrong. Annoying person is not lovable. Hating is exhausting, it consumes you from inside. ┬áI guess I’ll have to pay more close attention from now on. I hope apology will still do the magic, if not..hmm oh well.. ­čÖé

“You cannot put out fire with flames.” ~ Old Turkish Proverb