Saturday and Sunday

What’s on menu on my last Saturday?

Namdaemun Market, Seoul

Daeksogung Palace, Seoul

Seoul Tower

How to get there (from Suwon Station cos that’s the closest to where I’m staying now ;)) :

  • To Deoksogung Palace/Namdaemun market, subway exit at city hall/seoul station, look for directions for which exit is closest to your destination, the directions are clear enough to get you to where you want. Just walk for a few minutes to get to namdaemun market..or if you’re heading to the palace, it’s located next to city hall area, really close from the subway exit, ticket for adult is charged for ₩1000. Can’t really tell you how exactly to get to the market, but it’s not that far from the exit, just ask for directions if you’re lost..hihihi *not quite helpful, sorry :D*
  • To N Seoul Tower, well, since I took off from namdaemun market area, then the easiest way I can tell you is to take the 05/03 bus, it will take you all the way there. The bus is yellow, and you can see the route written in the front of the bus, you may take the same bus to go back from there, so just pay close attention.. 😉 to go to top of the tower, ₩8000 is charged for adults.

Anyway, was way too hot on Saturday, gotta join splashing around with this kiddo… 😉


Nowhere too far, just one destination, we went in noon, it was a bit rainy but the sky was not gloomy 😉

It says.. Gwacheon National Science Museum

Mini robots show..

some of the stuff you can find in the back park of the museum

Dino! Dino! Roarr...

Dimesour 😀

How to get there?

  • Buy subway ticket to Seoul Grand Park (from Suwon Station).
  • Line transfer in Geumjong. Get out of the train, then look for which line heading for Seoul Grand Park.
  • Hop in when the train arrives ;).
  • And get off in Seoul grand park. Once you get there, look for direction heading to the museum, it’s not far and the exit is right at the front of the museum, just have to walk a wee bit more.
  • Adults need to pay ₩4000 for the ticket.

More infos : Deoksugung, Namdaemun, Gwacheon museum.

So there it is, my first weekend in South Korea. And now..let’s dance!! *clap clap ;)*



  1. dindun · September 7, 2010

    cieeee… jalan-jalan terus euy :p

    *robotnya lucuuuuu 😀

    • nyumnyun · September 7, 2010

      ayo din… ikut sini hihihi

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