Surrendering Is Strength


1. PAUSE when you feel you are getting angry. Take a deep breath. Count to 10 or 20! Your silence is golden and gives you time to think. Let the difficult person rattle on.

2. This is hard but…LISTEN without interrupting. When you interrupt a difficult person their hostility escalates.

3. DON’T ARGUE even when you have the evidence you are right.

4. EMPATHIZE and make an effort to see the situation from the difficult person’s point of view. This is a very important value to teach our grandchildren… the ability to have compassion for others. Explain to your grandchildren that difficult people usually are suffering in some manner.

5. CONCEDE A LITTLE. If you agree with even 1 percent of what the person is saying, dear grandchildren, let them know by telling them you agree with that point.

6. KEEP YOUR VOICE CALM. Don’t show irritation in your voice even if you are ready to scream.

Credit : Huffpo

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