A guy with british accent is sexy? Nanti dulu, ngga selalu juga, kata saya mah.

Brad Pitt was once one of the sexiest men of all time? *walaupun title ini menurut gue udah tergeser sejak entah kapan ya, jadul abis, hihi* Well, sejauh ini gue liat dia dan bisa mengakui kalo dia itu nyummm hanya di film Troy. Achilles was one fine role he played. Nyumm..and that’s it. Sisanya ya biasa sajo tampilannya buat saya.. 😀

Lalu Bradley Cooper lagi casciscus pake French?


Miss Paramita, would you kindly translate the whole interview for me? Hihihi..*masih suka baca blog gue ngga ya.. :P*

So Bradley Cooper speaks French, likes to cook, is a family man, still lives with his mom, and has a reaaally nice smile. Yep, I’ve done quite a research, hahah.

Kesimpulannya? I am officially Team Bradley Cooper now. Woohoo.

Just don’t lose the beard and always keep your hair a bit longer man..okay?? Jangan cepak yaaa *ngatur*



  1. paramitopia · May 29, 2013

    hahahah… je ne parle pas français anymore 😀 Ich lerne Deutsch sekarang… e un poco di italiano :p nah lho, es campur gini bahasanya ^^

    • June · May 29, 2013

      ihhh dia malah pamer bisa bahasa macam2..sombooong. hihihi.

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