Work Your Abs & Arms!

Nyari workout guide buat mengurangi volume ‘tas pinggang’, video-video dibawah ini nampak mantab..

Top comment-nya :

this video be pissing me the f*ck off,hes all happy and talkin doing his abs workouts

and im over here “come on bit*h!” yellin at the abs workout as i do them

*hahahahahaha, I feel you..  I feel you..*

Lanjut dengan yang ini..

Bentar.. Give me a break, exhale dulu, hahahah.

Mari dicoba yu kakak… 😀



  1. and here · May 29, 2012

    The six packs ab muscles diet strategy introduces wholesome consuming, stress reduction and weight control. If you can commit yourself into this kind of diet plan plan, then there is no way for you personally to not lose weight. This diet also serves being a guide to developing a wholesome lifestyle and is good for individuals who are getting a hard time adopting a wholesome eating habit.

  2. bradly pelchat · May 31, 2012

    If you need to get washboard ab muscles and shed belly weight then you need to alter up how you consume and how you exercise. Obviously you cannot expect results from consuming junk food and sitting about the couch all day time. So to clear up confusion and make it easy you can adhere to these 7 rules to obtaining six pack abs.

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