Yay, Adele..yay!!


 Thank you Mr. Ex-boyfriend!! or not. 😛

Quoted from Adele,

“You know, he was amazing. He was great. But it was never going to work.

And for ages I was like, As if he deserves any fucking kudos for inspiring my record. But now, after some time, it only seems right that the person who so far has had the biggest impact on me—has now changed my life for fucking ever with this album—deserves a little credit.

I can do things that I never dreamed I’d be able to do. If I hadn’t met him, I think I’d still be that little girl I was when I was eighteen. And the best thing is, I now know what I want for myself and from someone else. I didn’t know what I wanted before.”

Or..you can read it in Vogue/People.

In my own opinion…

The best revenge is massive success. ~Frank Sinatra

Hmm? 🙂


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