How To Make It In America

That’s the title.

I forgot how I found out about this show. All I know is, I really like it.


  1. It looks cool. (lame reason, just let it be)
  2. Soundtrack sounds cool. I got me some nice beat in the background. (not the heavy kind. I’m a mainstream gal, what can I say)
  3. It shows how much of nothing you can get without doing anything. Unless you’re born with all those silver spoon stuffed to your mouth, then it’s really nothing, gotta work it.
  4. Bottom line : Plans are there to be put to work. Being nice has its own perks. Moving on sometimes ain’t that smooth and easy (of course). The nerds you avoided back in the school days are your backup plan in the present. And…
  5. It basically tells you that lucky bastards do exist (ya emang!). Wait, revise, not some bastards, these two buddies in the movie happen to be some nice and good-looking tall, short, jewish, latino guys. (you’ll get it after watching the show)
  6. It’s got Bryan Greenberg in it. I am sold.

    Agak mirip Seeley Booth ngga sih?? Penonton Bones mana suaranyaaa?



  1. glowandflow · December 5, 2011

    malah mirip yang main itu tuh too fast too furious.
    lupa namanya 😀

    • nyumnyun · December 5, 2011

      Paul Walker? nonononooo
      Walker terlalu blondie 😀

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