How can you tell?

There was one day. That particular day was raining heavily. And on the way home, this one girl felt the urge to pick up her phone and texted this one guy she knew. Only to ask him whether he’s still staying at his office or not.

There was no reply, but this one guy called her shortly after that. And asked her about her text.

And she told him that she just felt the need to let him know that it was raining outside, so please be safe while riding his bike on his way home from the office. That’s all she needed to say. But it felt like something important for her, she just needed to deliver that message to him.

And he said okay, and thanked her for that simple message. Somehow that girl could tell that he was smiling during their short conversation over the phone. And she felt a strange feeling afterwards, like she was doing something silly and unnecessary yet it brought her happiness.


And that’s how she knew that she was already falling for him…


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