I’m Schmosby. Not Scherbatsky. :)

Hola guys.

What you’ve been up to lately?

I’ve decided to try something new, and it scared me….gah. It is normal to be scared, isn’t it? Sometimes it made me feel like a loser, yet also reminded me that I’m just a normal human being after all. In fact, I got so anxious that I haven’t been able to sleep well for the past few days. But that’s my problem. 🙂

Anyway, what I do when anxiety attacks?

A. Look for some videos in Youtube.

I did this most of the time, not sure why, but it kinda took my mind off anything upsetting for a while. An entertaining distraction.

*found this video last night. somehow cracks me up. :P*

*been hearing this song too often*

*a cover version of my lullaby. gasp!*

*another prettay makeup tutorial. of course. :D*

B. Reorganizing my stuff.

I find this activity to be relieving and sometimes consider this as a form of exercising, hehehe. I did this last night. Been thinking about buying some office supplies, some container to stash all my makeup stuff in it. And I found it, yippie.. There wasn’t many options in the bookstore tho’, but still yippie..

I used to just stack my makeup in a pouch, and made my unused little wedding souvenir glasses as a holder for my makeup brushes, mascaras, or anything that stands up and comes in tube shape. What annoyed me much was the fact that the pouch content was a bit unreachable sometimes. When I wanted to do my makeup, I had to reach inside my pouch, put out some stuff that’s getting in the way, and then put them back in again once I’ve done with my makeup. Definitely not the most practical way. And since it was originally put in just a transparent plastic makeup pouch, then this reorganizing thing is definitely an upgrade for me 😀

Here they are now. My babies.. 😛

I still need more containers. Teehee.

It looks better now, right? At least to me.. 😀 A bit dark, cos I put them inside a cabinet, and oops, sorry for the crappy photo 😛

In case you’re wondering what’s that book-a-like thing standing in the center part, that’s Sariayu Martha Tilaar 25th Anniversary eyeshadow palette.

click img for source

Comes with retail price around IDR 170K. It includes 25 eye shadow shades from various collections of the past 25 years. 25 shades with that price is cheap, my friends..and if you don’t like to splurge on your makeup then this palette can be an ‘investment’ for your eye makeup department. A cheap thrill. Plus, it’s a well-known local brand. Let’s support local stuff!! 😀

Haven’t actually tried all the shades, but I do love to play around with this.

And that’s all folks. Let’s get back to doing something else. See ya.



  1. Trisko · October 4, 2011

    Fotonyaaaa …. FOTD githu …, yg lagi eksperimen Sariayu pallete nya 🙂
    Ajarin dandaaan 😉

    • nyumnyun · October 5, 2011

      malu ahh tehhhh :’)


  2. Nadia Primaji · October 11, 2011

    youtube memang sumber segala hiburan ya? gue dari karaoke, masak sampe belajar dandan semua dari yutub.. ih cinta deh sama yutub

    • nyumnyun · October 12, 2011

      tapi di oz sana ada ibu2 yg ngetop blognya tuh nad, belajar bikin tumpeng sekalian sama dia bisa keknya, hihihihi

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