The Rudest Hand Gestures

I find this (haven’t decided yet whether it’s interesting or not, but just felt like posting it anyway) article today.. Here’s a few part of it.

A young cousin of mine was fairly sheltered as a small child. His parents didn’t let him watch violent movies or play with gunlike toys, and aggressive behavior wasn’t tolerated.

To work around this, when he became very upset, he’d mimic a gesture he’d learned from Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story wherein he’d bend his wrist downward, point his forearm at whoever or whatever had offended him, and firmly press his opposite index finger to a patch of flesh about 6 inches past his hand, as though he were shooting a wrist laser.

Once his mother realized what the gesture meant, she told him that trying to shoot people to death with imaginary lasers was not a nice thing to do. It was his little toddler Fuck You.

Kinda hilarious, no? Or perhaps indicating some anger management issue? Kid has issue? But already he was showing some control for the explicit language part. It was sort of a polite way of saying something impolite. Hehehe. 😀

Anyway, here’s a slideshow showing the rudest hand gestures around the world and…the original article.


Nose Brush

I use this gesture a lot. Slightly lower. But only because I seem to be having constant flu as a reaction to my allergies.. Haha 😀

Whereas the real meaning : I desire a romantic exchange. Used in Jordan.

Ahh, I’ll never know for sure anyway.. 😀


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