Daylight’s Highlight

Bee according to her Mom :

In fact Bee’s favorite saying lately is “We have the luckiest life..” and then she goes on to name all the things she gets to do. First on the list is always “Because we get to go Easter egging! Mom, did you know some kids don’t get to go Easter egging? Not ever!”

Went blog-walking randomly, and found inchmark. Such a pretty and simple looking blog. Pastel color. Neat. Mom is crafty, writes some nice do-able stuff, and blessed with sweet kids.

All the things Bee gets to do, down to simplest stuff, and already she’s feeling like a girl with the luckiest life. Nothing beats a kid’s honesty and simplicity. Anything can mean something to them.  They just seem to let it out in the way any kid knows best, their own sincere way. And when things got so overwhelming, we need to alter our focus on something else for awhile, something simple. Rite? Rite? 🙂


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