Why So Stubborn?

Yes.. Why?

I just read about ‘betrayal’ this morning *such a nice choice of topic in the morning, no?*. Surprisingly, women are sometimes helpless when it comes to handling betrayal. Uhh.

Don't shut yourself and pretend like everything's okay.

Us, women biggest mistakes are..*let me shorten ’em up for you*

  • Start up a thorough investigation over the matter, how and why it all started. Not gonna do you any good, ladies..just move on with now and plan how’s tomorrow gonna turn out.
  • Put the blame on someone else, instead of the person in charge. And somehow still trying so hard to convince yourself that the person in charge is actually good deep down inside. He/She just happened to slip around and made mistakes. Yada yada yada..once a liar, will always be a liar *this kind of person does exist*
  • Try to change you. Why you? Make sure that the decision to change yourself will only do you good, not otherwise.
Sounds mean? It does happen, and when it does, try listening to you heart once in a while, perhaps you’ll be surprised. 🙂
Mungkin, prinsip salah satu temen saya yg ini ada benernya ya, “Gausah menye-menye. Cos life is like a **c*, when it gets harder, **c* it!! (silakan translate sendiri..heheh)
Pic from here.

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