A friend of mine used to say,

Don’t go out and brag and put up your personal stuff as any of your social media’s status. If you have something to say, why don’t you go directly to the person and talk to him/her. Case closed.

In real life, it’s not gonna be that easy *at least for me*. And I’ve done it hmm..quite many times. Major OOPS..hehe. But I feel *strangely* lucky that I’ve been quite straightforward when it comes to speaking out my feelings towards those close to me. I’m more of the type that confronts when something bad or awkward going on with them, that’s just me πŸ˜€ And somehow it’s a good thing for me, cos I have managed to solve my issues with them faster that way..horaay!! πŸ˜€ And I will try hard to minimize doing the same thing (the putting up status thing) in the future..*doakan saya!! bwahahahah*

Anyway, to celebrate the bright side of friendship.


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