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What’s winning to you? Is it..

  • Knowing that you’re already winning and then roam-free after that without having to worry about your winning status and just continue living your life, going after something else and proceeding to whatever next step you’d like to take.


  • Working your but* out to maintain your winning status, to stay on top, to preserve the victory.. And yet, in order to stay feeling that way is to work really hard to still have the same winning feeling everyday and to assure yourself that you’re a winner anyway.

Well, what kind of winner are you? 😉



  1. ta · February 18, 2011

    the first one sounds better.. stress free ^^

    • nyumnyun · February 18, 2011

      kayanya kalo bisa ‘diatas’ tanpa perlu sadar status tuh enak kali ya, keep striving but..stay humble *manusia, ada ga sih yg kaya gt? :D*

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