Love And Other Drugs

Oh right, right, right. I’m supposed to act like I don’t know if it’s right. So then you tell me that there is no right or wrong. It’s just the moment. And then I tell you that I can’t while actually signalling to you that I can, which you don’t need because you’re not really listening. Because this isn’t about connection for you. This isn’t even about sex for you. This is about finding an hour or two of relief from the pain of being you. And that’s fine with me, see, because all I want is the exact same thing. ~ Maggie Murdock

It’s about a guy (Jamie Randall/Jake Gylenhall) who is so good with his talking, witty, has a playful charm, good looking and knows how to get things to work the way he always wanted. But sometimes can come across as a bastard..hahahah. But he’s really good at what he does, no doubt about it *don’t you just hate that kind of person? but then you also secretly cannot help to wonder what it feels like to be in his shoes :P*

Then the girl, she’s the type of woman (Maggie Murdock/Anne Hathaway) who plays hard to get. Has a clear set of rules in her life. Has a carefree attitude and I think she’s having a commitment phobia 😀 In the beginning, she never wanted to have a long and steady relationship with one person cos she’s having an early onset Parkinson’s disease, she’s only 26 years old. And it would be unfair for her to ask someone to accompany her throughout her life with her condition. She just doesn’t wanna be anyone’s burden.

But, as quoted from the film..

Sometimes the things you want the most don’t happen and what you least expect happens. I don’t know – you meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. And then you meet that one person and your life is changed. ~ Jamie Randall

Yeah, I think you can guess the ending of the film at this point, oopsies.. 😀

The film is based on a book ‘Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman’ by Jamie Reidy, a former Pfizer representative. The movie shows some of the realities of living with someone who has Parkinson’s disease, in both serious and humorous ways. And since Jamie eventually gets a job as a medical representative, you can see highlights of the competitive sales market in pharmaceutical industry, really interesting.. 😀

And my fave part of the movie? Just the subtle  message, that you can always put yourself around anyone who will want to see you aim better and higher, always go for more, but then you’ll be glad to know that when you find someone, that someone believes that you can loose it up a bit cos what you have is already enough and then you’ll believe it too.

I’ve never known anyone who actually believe that I was enough until I met you. And then you made me believe it too. ~ Jamie Randall


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