Hunger Games Leaves Me Hungry

Yesterday, I left my office early. I wasn’t feeling well. So I thought why not go home and get some good night rest. Sick leave permission is kinda a tough situation in my office, well you wouldn’t wanna be judged about your actual intention in taking sick leave, would you? 😀 Well, let’s not discuss about this part, it’s not that interesting..LOL. Anyway, my go-home-and-rest-early plan turned out to be nonsense. Hahahah. I was so determined to spend time reading a book, and when I finally started giving much time to read it, I got so..hooked!! so hooked that I finished reading it in just one night..hahahaha. But, no worries, I kept reading it because I wasn’t feeling sleepy that much last night..heheheh 😀

So here’s what caught my attention so much last nite..

In my own words, the story was about a killing game, hunting people down in an arena and to win the game you need to kill the other participants (all are children), all of them. Sounds mean huhh? But I personally see this book as a way of showing that normal people will always have a humanity inside them, no matter how hard the situation or how mean they could be. I guess that sums up my ‘synopsis’ for the book.. 😀

The ideas for this book is basically coming from this..

Collins says that the idea for The Hunger Games came from channel surfing on the T.V. On one channel she observed people competing on a reality show and on another she saw footage of the Iraq War. The two blended together and the idea of children fighting each other to the death was formed. ~ Wikipedia

For more complete spolier, go here.. *spoiler alert, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.. ;)*

Funny thing is, this book is so popular, so recommended, and I had no idea whatsoever about it. My friends were talking bout this, my cousin did the same thing too, I found many reviews about it online *although I didn’t read it that much, hence my lack of infos*, so I went to buy it. And I had no idea that it was a trilogy novel, and has the game version of it until I finished reading this book. Also, the movie version is coming along. Hahah. Well, I’ve always been careless about knowing the story before I read or watch something. I prefer to have my own version about it after I first reading/watching it.. 😀

And now, I’m curious about the next 2 books. Gotta have ’em..!!


All three of them.

*click images for source*



  1. Livya · January 11, 2011

    huooo, kayak film battle royale gitu dong mbak? ngomong-ngomong, itu novelnya bahasa inggris yaaa? @_@ mantappp

    • nyumnyun · January 11, 2011

      gatau film battle royale.. hahaha xD
      itu terjemahan kok Po.. kalo baca terjemahan masi ngga garing buat gw, berarti masi gpp beli yg versi terjemahan.. 😀

      • Livya · January 14, 2011

        ya filmnya gitu itu deeeh, ttg anak2 satu kelas (kl ga salah sii), harus bunuh2an sampe sisa 1. kl ga, mati deeh. disebar gitu di suatu tempat, ada yg dapet GPS, ada yg dapet pistol, macem2 lah 😀 tonton aja. ada 1 & 2 😀 yg nomer 1 bagus kok. cuma yaa thriller gt deh

      • nyumnyun · January 14, 2011

        Mbayangin ko ngeri ya.. Mending baca buku aja deh, no visual display.. Horor 😀

  2. dindun · January 11, 2011

    yak… terlanjur baca spoilernya ampek abis.. dem
    kirain ga dicritain sampek abis 😦

    • nyumnyun · January 11, 2011

      hahahahaha… told ya!! 😛

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  4. ciprian nom · January 14, 2011

    nice review !!

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