This is sooo adorable to me. Jangan salahkan saya, eke kan perempuan normal yaw..*kedip-kedip*

Read the full story here.

A guy asked three of his once wife-to-be’s friends about her personality. Here are their answers in three different occasions..

"She's an impenetrable fortress."

"Dude, she's a tough nut to crack."

"She's an uncrackable egg."

Well, if you don’t really get the idea, his wife seemed very guarded when they first started dating, and he was afraid that she might never fall for him. But he did woo her, and when they got married, a friend gave ’em all the three prints above as a wedding present. Sweet!! 🙂

*Now, let me find one for myself.. LOL*



  1. Lei · January 6, 2011

    Adorableeee! cintaaaaa…. Gotta show it to my husband yang paling cuma bakal angkat bahu, cis!

    • nyumnyun · January 6, 2011

      hahahah..cekokin makes people softer katanya mah.. hahahah 😛

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