Confidence and high self-esteem can come across as being cocky sometimes.

That, I do know by heart. Sometimes when we’re feeling all strong and tough, we want the world to know. Then we run around screaming, “Hey..look at me, I’m good, I’m fine. All is well!!”. And without noticing, we keep our distance from those who we might think can burst our happy-joy-powerful bubble. Those who are whining, complaining, feeling mellow and lonely, those that we think is not good for our sanity’s sake. We told them to stay away. But if we think about it, at some time, at some place, we were those kind of people too. We’ve been in the same position as them. We might as well being the same annoyingly whining-complaining-feeling mellow and lonely person to others. We could be the same person, doing the same thing, being exactly the same drama queen. And..I’m not here to tell you how to do things or how to react to this kind of situation. Just keep it in mind. That’s all.. 🙂


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