When checking out pictures in facebook, have you ever noticed the upper right side area of your FB page? Not the top area. Most times, you’ll be likely to find some suggested profile pics or just some random pics from your friends album. Any idea how those pics are shown out of randomness..?

Cos I’ve been paying attention to it lately. It actually started out only as a coincidence. But then I can’t help thinking why did I keep stumbling over so many pictures from one person, well, there are others’ pics as well, but this one particular person just popped out so many times. Is this one person’s profile so popular? Or is this one person’s page or pictures are getting a lot of hits around facebook? 😀

It’s not that big of a deal, I know.. 😀

But, since I happened to be in a state where I don’t think I’m well-related to this person anymore, then I somehow started to think about this person again. In fact, we didn’t maintain our friendship, we rarely even chat, when we do, our so-called chat session actually turned out like a one on one session, where one of us took turns to give questions and the other is simply answering them. More like an interview..not a dialog.. 😀

Just a thought. 😉



  1. trisko · October 11, 2010

    Ada ya bu? Ngga ngeeh…..

    • nyumnyun · October 11, 2010

      coba aja klik comment section, atau klik salah satu foto trus view ajah, trus lirik area kanan atas.. 😀

  2. trisko · October 11, 2010

    Baru nyadar…hehe..yang keterangan photo memories yaa? Biasanya kan didaerah situ teh iklan, jadi ga merhatiin. Aplikasi baru kayanya yaa?

    • nyumnyun · October 11, 2010

      uda mayan lama kayanya teh, kalo iklan dibawahnya, ak juga dulu ga ngeh, pas uda nyadar, kok ini yg sering muncul mukanya yg ini2 aja ya.. temenku yg lain pakabar? hahahah…

  3. Livya · October 11, 2010

    ah ya ya ya :p
    sempet beberapa kali keluarnya si ester mulu tuuuuh :)) *pdhl buka profile page nya ester aja jarang buangettsss, klo mo liat t4 dia mah tinggal ngintip sebelah aja. hiahahaha*
    sempet jg keluarnya alief mulu :p truss.. hmm, lupa, ga bgitu perhatian jg :p
    klo dah nemu jawabannya monggo dishare bu .:D hahaha

    • nyumnyun · October 12, 2010

      hihihi entahlah po, randomness meets destiny?? *apa hubungannya estere dong..hihihi

  4. fitri · October 12, 2010

    Sometimes things that are not expected appear more frequently than things that we want ;). Destiny are beyond our control 😆

    • nyumnyun · October 12, 2010

      hm.. ya ya. anggap saja takdir mempertemukanku dengan foto2nya.. *apaan seh =))

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