Please step aside..

And let these two gorgeous creatures work their way into your heart..

Another shoe post?? Okay, sorry.. but these two are just irresistible, how can someone created that kind of thing? Weeee..

Anyway, pics are taken from luxirare. I’ve been reading her blog since like..a long time ago, she’s unbelievably highly creative and the things she made always have a distinct touch of her, which made them special. I find her sense is somehow sophisticated and a bit quirky at the same time, but always in a genius way. Artsy..!!



  1. trisko · October 10, 2010

    Hehehe…teuteup…onty yang maniak sepatooooooooo

    • nyumnyun · October 10, 2010

      hehehe.. sama yg satu ini mah setia selalu 😛

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