Taking Notes.

So this morning, I was thinking of having breads for lunch. And during breakfast, I put 2 loaves of breads in the toaster. So there, I had two nicely toasted loaves of breads. I also prepared some cheese and strawberry jams *hail to the the hotel for free ingredients..LOL*

And by noon, I had the idea of having a melting cheese inside my breads. So I put the microwave in my hotel room to use. And the cheese was melting nicely..truly looking tasteful to me. And after that, I added the strawbery jams. And then, I don’t know why, but I sorta had the idea to heat the whole breads mix in microwave again.. so I did it. The idea seemed to be looking nice to me at the time.

And after the 2nd time of microwave session, I was so ready to eat it. And what did I get? A rubber-y taste kind of breads. Yaikss..!! How did this happen? hiks.. it was so hard to chew it, and I dunno, the cheese was kinda losing its flavor..wakwaaaw. I guess heating up your breads for more than 2 times is not a good idea, yes?

Oh well.. Definitely noted.


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