A long time ago, pertama kalinya merasakan bertengkar hebat dengan orang yg dekat dengan gw dan menyebabkan terciptanya jarak diantara kita. We fight over something so personal and principle. That hurts. A lot.

But, time heals. Dan gw ngga akan pernah lupa saat dia bilang, “Sebesar apa sih kuasa manusia, sampai dia tidak mau memaafkan kesalahan manusia lain? Padahal Tuhan aja Maha Pengampun..”

Dan jarak itu pun memudar. We learnt a lot. We go back to what we used to be, and we will always be. No matter how serious or fun we get, mad at each other or laugh together, through meet ups or simply chat, I somehow know we’ll always have each other. That’s what I love about our friendships..rite, B? 🙂

You never really turn your back on me. I thank you for that. *high five :)*

Jadi, kesimpulannya, what happened tonight *with someone else*, or the other nights before tonight, it’s nothing, and it will remain that way. For I know, there’s no guarantee that what happened tonight will always end up in the right way, no promises can be made to keep things right back on track. What happened tonight isn’t gonna hurt me anymore, for I’m no longer stranger to pain. I forgive you, I apologize to you, and I demand nothing in return. I know a true genuine relationship when I see one, and I don’t think this one is the it. That’s how I judge it and that’s okay for me.

And why is that so? Simply because, karena ku sanggup..*walau (mungkin) ku tak mau* (nyontek lagu dikit gpplah ya.. 🙂 *pat pat, whisking tears*)


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