To my guy friend who wonders why you’re still single..let me tell you why 😉

  • You got the looks, and you’re smart, almost the cool geeky kind of smart. Everybody knows that, but..
  • Doesn’t mean that you need to always do everything the right way, to clarify everything based on logic  or to revise other’s opinions based on what you know, especially when..
  • You did all those things eagerly and a bit too much, which..
  • Makes you boring 😉 and let me tell you something..
  • Girls don’t always dig that 😉 *especially  when you do it quite often (yes, too often actually, feels like I can see you doing the smartypants dance after everytime you did all those mentioned  in 2nd point, and that image can be really annoying my friend)*

So why don’t spontaneous, go crazy, and be not afraid to make mistakes once in a while..just don’t be so precautious the whole time kay..have fun!! 😉



  1. fitri · September 20, 2010

    Agreeeeee Agreeee *ngibarin bendera sama loncat2* 😆

    • nyumnyun · September 20, 2010

      Who wouldn’t? hahah..pedeee

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