Doing It The Today’s Ways

Start a conversation, say hello to recent or old friends, getting to know someone by..

  • Commenting facebook status, photos, or any link that may appear.
  • Twitter. Retweet. Reply. Comment on link. You name it. 😉
  • Attracted by displayed messenger status. Therefore, a reason to say hi or something to talk to. 😀
  • Reach them through their blog, their youtube account, or any stuff similar to those.
  • Anything else you’d like to add? I went blank.. 🙂

Ways of people socializing these days. Funny thing is, sometimes you use either any of these even to the person actually sitting next to you. 😛

And, when you have nothing interesting showing up in one of these so-called ‘social medias’, then you simply have nothing to talk to, no reason to say hi. Funny. 🙂

Gatherings or going out will always be missed. We still need to see the people we talk to in person, don’t we? Hihi..



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