Not everyday you can find things that you really want or need with a 70% discount price tag. And when you do, you’ll go “oohh..ahh..just about time, let’s explore it first” with a happy face.

You’ll go to the SA (Shop Assistant). This part can be disastrous 😀 If the SA have minimum knowledge of the products (which is not supposed to happen ;)), then the questioning part might just be useless. They either simply nod to whatever questions you’re asking or they will try to switch your options to other products which they’re more aware about, then they will be able to answer your questions more properly and of course distract you from your initial products needed to purchase…hihi 😛 But take notes, this doesn’t always happen, some SA are good at their jobs. 😉

Moral of the shopping activity today :

“You can’t always get what you want.”

Hahah.. Damn, I’m good at taking positive side from almost everything, aren’t I? *I’m not sure if the quote even related, therefore you may ignore the statement hihi :P*

I heard that the sale season goes on til the end of july? Is that so?

Oh, oh, oh, the thing with the 70% discount mentioned above, they stay in the shop. I found some scratch that unfortunately visible to the eyes, and it made them look less appealing to me…ahhk..

Nite y’all.


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