“Claustrophobia (from Latin claustrum “a shut in place” and Greek φόβοςphóbos, “fear”) is the fear of having no escape and being closed in (opposite: claustrophilia). It is typically classified as an anxiety disorder and often results in panic attack.” ~ Wikipedia

Took a short nap during lunch break today. I covered my head with my jacket, cos somehow it wasn’t felt dark enough around me. Time passed by. And suddenly I felt uncomfortable, and I woke up, eyes wide open all the sudden, and I panicked, I even almost screamed for help. All I saw was dark everywhere, like there wasn’t any left space even in front of my own nose, and somehow the air just felt too thin, I couldn’t breathe well. I gasped for air for a while before I finally realized that my head was all covered up in my jacket. D’oh……..

So, I went back to my nap. Covered my head again almost in the same position as I previously did, only left a little opened space around my mouth. And the scene repeated itself. So yeah, it happened twice.

I felt……….silly stupid silly for panicking with the same style twice in a row. And there goes my sleepiness, puff..it’s gone. Haha.

That’s all folks. Such a random post, I know. Thanks for reading anyway :D, and BTW, I’m not claustrophobic. 😉

*Perhaps sleeping with a too full stomach condition is not such a good idea? oh well.. :D*



  1. dityodwi · June 24, 2010

    wah baru liat blognya pindah alamat…. keren2 nyun… ^^

    • nyumnyun · June 24, 2010

      mostly are irrelevant babbles ko ditz 😀

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