Daily and weekend blabbers in a list :

  1. Start reading books again. It’s been a while, and I just rewarded myself with 4 new books today. Ambitious, huh?? 😛
  2. Sit-up variations almost each nite..*I’m trying, -wink-*
  3. Start paying attention to what I’m eating..and trying to unconsciously counting in my head about how much fat going into my body..hahahaha 😛 *this one can get reaaally annoying :P*
  4. Realize even more, that I’m a total sucker for shoes *sigh sigh sigh* All those sale signs? not helping…!! *huhh :P*
  5. Came late to the cinema.  My so-called hattrick movie plan had to be canceled. Between Toy Story 3D, The A Team, and Karate Kid, I said adios to the kiddo, perhaps later..hehe, the other two? done!! yea baby.. 😀
  6. So far, I have only watched one football match during this world cup season.. err.. 😀
  7. Been having some sort of nocturnal animal thingy going on. I feel like getting active at late hours. Not too good. But I feel like reading, dancing, point #2, doing something that can’t be mentioned here for some reasons *:)*, but thanks God not muching, instead of sleeping..fyuh.
  8. I never liked being judged by stranger(s). And it’s been confirmed.
  9. You will be. (Not) you are be. *random, I know ;)*
  10. And to wrap the list up, I learn to believe even more that there’s no such thing as coincidence, even though it’s totally random or seems out of plan, but God always has plans.. *also inspired by some dialog in The A Team movie..hihi :D*

Done. Now let’s try to hit the bed.. 😉


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