fly high and away

I hate balloons, especially the one that’s made from rubber material.
I always scared that it might pop and surprise me. I can’t stand the surprised feeling.
But this, I like..they’re much cuter anyway 😉
During my business trip to Suwon – South Korea back then, I bought one for myself.
A huge and cute cow. 😀
Bought it at a party stuff supplier store near Namdaemun Market.
*ehem..just pretend that you don’t notice the office in the background :D*
I carried it around town while shopping and browsing a book store.
People were staring.
Some were laughing.
I didn’t care. I like it a lot. 🙂
I think I need some cute and colorful helium balloons to cheer up today’s rainy mood. 
What about if I put some of them around my office desk? I’m such a kid..hahah.
In the meantime, Katie will fulfill my cravings for anything cheerful for today.
ps. every time I got separated from my friend during the shopping trip, it wasn’t that hard for my friend to find me. He simply needed to look up in the air, then there was my cow..and finally me! 😉

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