Emily Bear


Facts :
  • Emily Bear is 8 years old and began her piano studies just before the age of 5
  • Emily was the youngest student ever to be invited to study at The Aspen Music Festival
  • Emily is equally comfortable playing jazz, classical, or her own compositions. 
  • On March 24th, 2008, Emily was invited to perform at The White House for President and Mrs. Bush and 400 guests.
  • Emily recorded her first CD, Five Years Wise, in July of 2007. The CD is a mixture of jazz standards and original songs. A second CD, The Love In Us, featuring 10 original songs, was released in April, 2008 and a 3rd CD, Once Upon a Wish, was released in December of 2008. And her most recent CD collection of original songs, Always True, was released in October, 2009.
  • a child prodigy with cute name, pretty face, and amazing talent. imho. 🙂
  • more..   
 Get to know her music..

Performing the composition on the show..


And more..

This girl just boosted my mood for the day. Hehe. 🙂


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