Dear thoughts..

Why is it so hard sometimes to sort of transform what once a bad thought into a good one..?

I’ve been trying to do it lately, so I think. Sometimes I just try to go with it, and not to think about it too much. Sometimes it breaks me down, mentally or physically. I hate when this happens. I hate when these thoughts pop in my mind :
– Are there any good thoughts or prayers that go to waste?
– Can false misleading or misreading signs go on for so long?
– Why should I be the one that get the difficult part and is asked to deal with it?
– Can I just get rid of those three thoughts mentioned above with a simple sway of my hand? 🙂

These are not good thoughts. I keep telling myself about it. Perhaps, I’m not so good yet at handling those ‘let it go’ thing. But just so you know, I’m not upset with GOD. How could I be upset with GOD when GOD is the only one that always lasts during my lowest lows? 🙂

Perhaps, I just don’t know a better form of gratitude, or simply to completely let everything go yet.


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