kinda late..


Happy New Year 2010 everyone.. šŸ™‚

I spent my new year’s eve with my college buddies. It was a night of seemingly overflowing red meat bbq*nyumm*, wii games, firecrackers, taking pictures(camera owner has not shared it yet..duh), chat and laughs. Really fun.
Last year in my life was quite messy*gotta admit*. But, I learn a lot, and GOD has been really really generous to me. I realize that it’s never gonna be an act of nothing if you believe in anything that you do(even though you’ll end up not getting what you want, you’ll respect the process even more and somehow learn something from it).
It’s been a rocking start even in the first week of 2010, but I’d rather to think of it as what some might say “it always gets worse before it gets better”. Amiin to that.

I’ve made some resolutions for this year. A few of them consisting me to travel somewhere new, to put some ‘prohibit signs’ to some aspects in my life, and to never look back*wink*.
I’ll keep the rest of them to myself. šŸ™‚

how’s yours? I wish you a “break a leg” in achieving it/them.

Signing out with an achoo*excuse the flu..hehe*


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