Day 1. Stay at home on purpose. Cleaning up the house. Reading books. Planning to went out to grab some meal, but it was raining heavily and flood started to come. I got worried so I decided to look after my home instead. It might sound boring, but not so much actually 🙂 I got into some fun chat with a good friend of mine. It was actually about some serious matter, and it felt good to know that someone’s there to support you throughout the hard times in life 🙂

Day 2. Another cleaning up and reading books session. Found out that my trip plan with my sister is somehow had to be canceled. Kinda annoyed, but oh well..there’s nothing we can do about it. And now I’m busy thinking bout alternative plan. Another heavy rain stopped by again and I stumbled upon this, a pretty suitable read for such a gloomy day, makes me think(but not gonna let it spoil my holiday spirit :).

Day 3. we’ll see… 🙂

Happy holiday again guys..


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