deep red deep red

Deep Red is aimed at strong and active women. This fruity-floral aroma opens with notes of black currant, pear, tangerine and blood orange. The fresh and mouthwatering opening is followed by ginger leaves, freesia and hibiscus accords of the heart. Woodsy sensual finish is composed of sandalwood, Californian cedar, vanilla and musk.       

I finally own this perfume. After a few hesitation, I finally decided to buy it. Notice the word ‘sensual’ up there? that’s what stopping me. Me smelling that way? come on 😀
But, since I’m out of stock in fragrance department and curiosity kills..I bought it anyway..LOL. My conclusion is indeed fruity-floral, but that’s it, where is the sexy part…? I don’t get it. What’s so sexy about this kind of smell? *or is it just me? :D*

Anyway, I like 🙂


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