team jacob? team edward?

okay..that’s what goes in my mind during watching the movie. Jacob somehow looks better now than edward. LOL. yes, I already watched New Moon (yay? :D) the theater was super crowded..woweee..luckily, I used a trick on how to still get a good seat at expected play smart am I? LOL 😛

my conclusion :
– The plot was kinda fast. A bit overwhelming I think. for those who plan to watch it without reading the book first, you might wanna get your cues fixed first.
– OST was great. I like. 🙂
– So much better execution than Twilight.
– What happened to Edward?? he looked really old..not as okay as he used to be in twilight..
– Nice wolf trick..not bad 😉
– But I think the human-shaped wolf pack don’t look buffy enough..hmm. only jacob does. hehe.
– Dakota Fanning rules..nice facial expression. They picked the right person to play Jane.. 🙂
– Jacob…yumm..ahahahahah 😛

That’s all for now. I don’t wanna spare you with spoiler. 😀
I never expected the twilight saga in movie will be great or whatsoever. I never expected much. the book already gave me the best image in my mind..not even the movie can beat that so far hehe 🙂
but, it’s a nice movie. really. not bad to be listed among your schedule for long weekend in town. okay, gotta hit the bed early, I’m going out of town tomorrow. family occasion, excited.. 🙂

have a blast e’one. hopefully. hehe 🙂


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