My folks probably just a few among..-well, actually I don’t know exactly how much :D-others that were always busy reminding their children to attend any kind of family gathering. I come from a really big family from both my parents’ side. Mom has 12 siblings in total, and pop owns 9 siblings. Aha.. 😀 and I think we got lucky enough that most of our family still somehow keep themselves connected to each other, which is really nice 🙂 that’s why I still got excited to experience the long hours road trip during Eid Mubarak moment each year. The main event was always only to keep up with each other’s latest updates, and going out together is just an additional fun to it.

And..somehow, I don’t really get some people who just don’t really care much about this kind of stuff. You may not get along well all the time, but you can at least get to know them. Do you really want to experience your first meeting with any of your family member in their funeral..? 🙂 I don’t mean to be rude, but this kind of thing do happen. And, honestly, it is kinda sad to me if I ever be in that kind of situation. I hope not.

Be grateful for your family, for they’re most likely are the people who will be hanging around your life for the longest time. So just cherish your moments with them.

Toodles. 🙂


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