Lessons of Life

If you care about someone, show them, don’t ignore them.

When sh*t happens and you feel like taking sometime alone and away, go ahead, do it. But always remember to come back to those people who have been waiting for you with arms wide open and eyes filled with love.

If you feel like something is going wrong, mention it, try to fix it. If it’s still not working, you might wanna consider leaving.

The truth, no matter how harsh it gets, is always and still will be better than lies.

Stay true to yourself. You might be the ugly duckling, but it doesn’t make you less a duck, does it?

Communication takes a crucial part in a relationship. How can you care if you don’t know? not everyone is able to perform telepathy..seeeshh.

GOD, love, faith, the love and faith of GOD is what will remain when others have left.

Never let the ones you really care about to be the ones left behind.

Perfection is what we seek..but will only be found in our dreams.

Eyes are windows to the heart.

If you’re wrong, admit it. Never hesitate to apologize.

Show gratitude towards kindness. Kindness is kindness, no matter what size they come in.

The love of life, of joy, of laughter, of togetherness is what keeping the love itself alive.

Take some ‘me time’ once in a while. Spoil yourself.

It takes two to tango.

It takes time to love.

It takes commitment to take people as they are.

It takes courage to live up to someone’s dream.

Patience has its rewards.

Fortune favors the bold.

You win some, you lose some, and some get rained out, but you gotta suit up for them all.

part 1 done.


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