a few people were stunned

okay..just a few lines(this is not the exact line from the movie, can’t remember it well heehee) from the movie cin(T)a :

“Tuhanku aja bisa aku khianati, apalagi orang lain..” jawaban Annisa saat ditanya soal opsi pindah agama.

“memang kalau bukan ke Tuhan, mau minta ke siapa lagi?” komentar China setelah mendengar cerita Annisa tentang curhatnya ke Tuhan soal her lonely and kinda miserable life.

and..I’m really curious about the lines in the beginning part of the movie, I personally think those are the ultimate kicks 🙂 I still can’t find it though..keep googling.. :))

anyhow..it is a worth to watch movie..
have a (hopefully)nice monday everyone, LOL


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