(I think)It’s a perfect picture :)

yesterday, I saw a picture..in white tone..so beautiful, so peaceful..and somehow it made me smile just by looking at it 🙂

then all sorts of thoughts came into my mind..
why would someone try to ruin this beautiful picture?*i know someone who’s messing around trying to make it happen* isn’t this enough for you? isn’t this so far the best view that you’ve got?
it’s been going on for quite sometime now. and hasn’t it been good so far? admit it 🙂
why can’t you just be grateful for what you already have? 🙂

honestly..don’t you think that you’re looking at the possibly future image of your life in this picture?

“yang kau inginkan..tak selalu yang kau butuhkan..”
be true to yourself. be grateful. 🙂


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