i don’t really have anything particular in mind today, total randomness. i dunno. i think about my dad a lot lately, my friends, and to surprise myself, i’ve been quite in a good mood lately :). not to say that i’m usually grumpy or the like, but i just feel like my mood swings are quite ‘well-mannered’ these days..heheh

i kinda miss my old Dad. my dad is having an illness that somehow affects his personality. he used to be such a smart and successful man, a great dad, a fun one. i love and am proud to be his daughter, not to say that now i don’t feel the same anymore, i still love you dad, always šŸ™‚
i just miss the old you, the one that’s fun to hang out with, take us to a trip, that would take me out to movies even though u usually ended up fell asleep during the movie :D, the soft-spoken dad*he never yelled at me, ever*, the one that would always be excited for a visit to the book store…ahhhhh…i miss those days. u were always such a great pal to me. i remember back in the college days, i was having my final test preparation nights, i got stuck with the subject, i just couldn’t seem to focus on studying it. and all i could think of was my dad, how i missed him, how just being close to him would somehow lighten up my feelings and my spirit to study even harder *i was staying in some sort of a dorm but not exactly like one, i have to pay to stay there, ahhh…i dunno the exact translation of it šŸ˜› and i haven’t gone back home for like almost a few weeks or maybe months, i forgot* and so i cried the whole night, for the fact that he’s not close to me and that i somehow missed him so much for no reason at all. so early in the morning i called home, and asked immediately to talk to my dad, and just by his first word I was feeling relieved..that’s all i needed šŸ™‚

wew, u can tell that i’m such a daddy’s lil girl, and i’m proud to admit that :). but now..that part of him is gone. nothing’s the same anymore. fate changes, human can only do as much as they can. i always believe there’s a reason behind everything. i do hope what you’re having right now is just another phase that we all as a family have to go through. it’s not always easy, but i’ll stick through with you dear Father..xoxoxo šŸ™‚

up to next babblings..
this morning, a girl friend of mine surprised me with a few questions :

“mbak, u look glowing these days. do you put on make ups lately? u do look beautiful. u seem like u’ve been paying more attention to your appearance lately, haven’t you? u seem cheerful and in a good mood most of the time”

“you’re in love, aren’t you?”

*that’s quite a mouth-full statements, eh? she said all that in one single breath-take :D* wha..whaa…whaaattt??
uh..i dunno the answer to those questions..ahahah..in fact i was more focused on the fact that she mentioned that i looked beautiful, that’s all that matters to me…ahahhaha šŸ˜›

and yesterday, a chat with my ex-bf *just a glimpse :”>*, yeah..him..a blast from the past..one of them..just him :

Him : hi hiiii
Me : hey you
Me : šŸ™‚
Him : yes its me…
Me : more **********? (* = something that he’s quite often ask for a help from me..heheh :P)
Him : hahahhahaha
Him : do i need have a **********… to call you?
Him : šŸ™‚
*more laughs and joking around session*

huhuh…i heart this. so glad that we can still be good friends after what we’ve been through, a true blessing šŸ™‚
so yeah, it may seems like nothing for some of you, but for me..I’m counting my blessings.. šŸ™‚

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