heeey hooo

what is up with me and editing blog template..??? lazy me…*dang*


I feel so refreshed tonight!!
uuu-yeaaa šŸ˜€

I went to a women-only beauty and hair salon this evening. I must say this isn’t something that I do quite often lately..too bad.
it’s sort of a spur-at-the-moment thing..and I had this one salon in my mind. actually a few friends of mine had recommended this salon a long time ago. it is said to provide nice treatments with affordable price and located not too far from where I live..now that matters šŸ˜€
so I went there and decided to have facial and hair treatment. gotta say I am pleased, sister!! LOL šŸ˜€
the facial massage was great, and hair spa…and the service…me likey…indulging yourself is not harmful, but of course you need to recheck your ‘financial situation’ first. LOL.
it’s good how simple things can brighten up your feelings, I think I need to do this regulary and to put it among my top list of priorities…*wallet check first missy..hahaa*

so yeah, that’s the highlight of my day today. hey, I’m just a girl enjoying my day off šŸ˜‰
oh, also :
– waiting for Twilight-the movie.
– curious bout ‘Defiance’
– fell in love with ‘Coraline’. I’m not sure whether it will be released here, stay tune and find out and of course..gonna watch šŸ™‚
– need to learn more bout c programming…oh crap. why did I even bring this up…ugh…
– need to take care of my ride. if guys can do it then I’m sure can too *nose in the air with girl power attitude :P*
– …..errrh….. let you know later šŸ˜€

bright-mood me signing off for now.. šŸ™‚


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