recollecting my old stuff

so a few years ago, a massive flood swept almost the entire 1st floor of my house. just the 1st floor. lucky for us, my house has already been renovated before, we added more height to the house foundation *mind me, i’m not quite aware of building construction or architectural terms*

one of the most annoying part for me was…the flood had done some serious damage to large amount of my books n comics collection. yeah..i even tried to hang it dry everywhere afterwards, but it’s no longer readable. hiks…

i love comics. shout out to my pop, he was the one who introduced me to comics 🙂 i love reading it all over again. never get bored of it. i even have some comics that’s so entertaining that i can still laugh my a** out of it after reading it over and over again 😀

one of my long-lost fave was..’pop corn’ series by Yoko Shoji. these series were first published when i was still in elementary school. actually the story was quite ‘heavy’ for children at that age. but somehow i love it, the story was just so…….hmm…..’human’. i could connect to the story quite well. and if i’m not mistaken, the final part of these series came out during my high school year. so much for the waiting huhh??? but for me, it was all worth it 🙂

i’m also in love with the ‘chizumi-fujiomi’ series. too cute 🙂 they are couple. but they’re so different in personality, and that makes it even more entertaining. chizumi is the shy, silly, clumsy and girl-next-door kind of girl. while fujiomi is the strong, cool, calm, confident type of guy, eye candy for the ladies and he’s such a gentlemen 🙂 hehe can u imagine the two of them together? sweet!

now i’m missing them…..i’m currently hunting down these precious eye candies *halah*
i found that some ppl or places sell these series for a frikkin IDR 15k each. wottttt, that much for a 2nd hand comic???!!!!! it’s the same price as the new ones. ahhhhh
hmm..i think i’m gonna be picky for this.
guess i’ll just keep on searching and comparing first

*alter ego says : u know if u want to, u can buy them at any price, so be wise…haha

(image source here and here)

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