the past 2 weeks

hectic week…yes…but not in the office thou :p

visited my cousin in bandung 2 weeks ago. she’s been admitted for the last 1 month. her condition was getting worse due to the lupus disease, it was really sad having to watch her lying on bed helplessly. she’s already having kidney failure now šŸ˜¦ all prayers go out to her. it’s been tough for her and the rest of the family. hope she’s getting better and stronger. keep praying and never give up šŸ™‚ the support won’t ever stop flowing even from a distance…last time i checked, she’s getting better. keep it up sis!! šŸ™‚

also…i have 2 friends who’s getting married in the past 2 weeks, uhmm i mean 2 couple, they’re rendra n rani :). rendra’s wedding was held last week, while rani’s was yesterday. happy2 to both of you. may u have a sakinah mawadah warrahmah family..

and of my office mate resigned. triskonia merlina. u may call her as tris, triskomania, trisno, sutrisko…hahahhahahahah jokin’ triiiiis :p she found another job that(hopefully :)) will suit her better. i definitely think she’s in a happier place now šŸ˜‰ she threw her farewell party last sunday. i cried a lil’ bit…hehe i dunno, i just feel sad..u definitely own a place in my heart dear friend šŸ™‚

also………i have 2 girlfriends who gave birth to baby boys in the past week, ayu n rika. wooohooo…new life, how cool is that šŸ™‚ i’m sure u both are going to be great parents šŸ™‚ woo my friends are becoming mommies and daddies now, i’m still quite amazed hehe…so we’re grown ups now, aren’t we?? hehe :p

so haaaaappppyyy for all of you, as for my lovely cousin..”Tuhan ga akan kasi cobaan diluar kemampuan umatnya”. we all love you šŸ™‚


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